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Science, at a very later stage, reveals new secrets about Zamzam water and the way it is influenced by the verses of the Glorious Quran. YOU WILL BE STUNNED!! READ THIS!!

We have recently realized the value of the use of amulets. It has been scientifically proven that water is affected by what is recited over it. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has had a unique experience. He said that he had read in a book that each snowflake falling from the sky is unique. He said that his scientific instincts told him that this was not true. The geometric shape of the snowflake is determined by its chemical composition. The composition of water is well known – two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. So how come snowflakes that fall from the sky are different from one another? He said: “I was determined to prove that this theory was false.” He built a laboratory, consisting of a deep freezer with a regulator, because no liquid, subjected to sudden freezing, can assume a geometric shape. The freezing must be slow, so the atoms have the chance to crystallize into the shape decreed by God. There was a deep freezer with a regulator, a cold room at the temperature of -7°C, and several microscopes equipped with cameras, so he could photograph the snowflake before it melted. The scientists working in this room wore warm clothing. He said: “I took samples from two faucets in the laboratory, I froze them, and each sample gave me a different snowflake. The samples came from two different wells, two different rivers, from two different lakes. I almost went crazy and thought this was witchcraft.”

A Saudi student at the University of Tokyo happened to meet him, and asked him what was wrong. Masaru told him his problem. The student said to him: “We have blessed water, called Zamzam water. I will give you a sample of this water so you can experiment on it. Zamzam water is not affected by witchcraft or Jinns, so using it can prove or disprove the whole theory.” Emoto took a sample of Zamzam water, and said: “I couldn’t crystallize it, even by diluting the water by 1,000.” In other words, he turned one cubic centimeter into one liter.

The special Zam Zam Water

He said that when he diluted the water by 1,000 and froze it, he got a uniquely-shaped crystal. Two crystals were formed, one on top of the other, but they assumed a unique form. When he asked his Muslim colleague why there were two crystals, he told him it was because “Zamzam” is composed of two words: “Zam” and “Zam.”

Masaru Emoto said: “My Muslim colleague offered to recite Quranic verses over the water. He brought a tape-recorder and played some Quranic verses, and we got the most perfectly-shaped crystals. Then he played the 99 names of Allah (The Almighty). Each name produced a uniquely-shaped crystal. When Dr. Emoto completed these experiments, which lasted 15 years, he published a five-volume book called “Messages from Water“. He wrote: “I have proven that water, that peculiar liquid, is capable of thinking, fathoming, feeling, getting excited, and expressing itself.”

Following was written Dr. Masaru Emoto:

The quality/purity of Zamzam water has, will not be find any where else in the water on this earth.

He used the technology named NANO, and researched a lot on Zamzam water. And found out that if one drop of Zamzam water mix in 1000 drops of regular water, regular water will get the same quality like Zamzam water.

He also found that a mineral in one drop of Zamzam water has its own importance that will not be find any other water on this earth.

He also found in some tests that the quality or ingredients of Zamzam water can not be changed, why, science does not know the reason.

Even he re-cycled the Zamzam water, but no change it was still pure.

This scientist also found out that, the Muslims say BISMILLAH before eating/drinking. He says that after saying BISMILLAH on regular water, there are some strange changes happened in the quality of regular water. That make it best water.

He also found out that if some one recites the Quran on regular water, it gets the ability for the treatment of different diseases.

Subhan’Allah!!! Surely this is a Miracle of Allah’s..

ZamZam water level is around 10.6 feet below the surface. It is the miracle of Allah that when ZamZam was pumped continuously for more than 24 hours with a pumping rate of 8,000 liters per second, water level dropped to almost 44 feet below the surface, BUT WHEN THE PUMPING WAS STOPPED, the level immediately elevated again to 13 feet after 11 minutes.

8,000 liters per second means that

8,000 x 60 = 480,000 liters per minute

480,000 liters per minutes means

that 480,000 x 60 = 28.8 Million liters per hour

And 28.8 Million liters per hour

means that 28,800,000 x 24 = 691.2 Million liters per day

So they pumped 690 Millions liters of Zamzam in 24 hours, but it was re-supplied in 11 minutes only.

There are 2 miracles here, the first that Zamzam was re-filled immediately, & the second is that Allah Holds the extra-ordinarily powerful Aquifer for not throwing extra Zamzam out of the well, otherwise the world will SINK.

Allah says in the Holy Quran;
“We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things?” (41:53)




  1. Juhairey Says:

    subhana Allah… Allahuakbar..

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    masyaAllah subhanallah 🙂

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    subahama Allah……….

  5. Ibnis Shaid Says:

    Allah the Most Merciful and own everything existence unseen or seen

  6. WinnieRussell Says:

    Muslim believes that the Holy Quran is in itself the miracle of Allah given to the World through Prophet Mohammad (SAW). This is one of the articles of Faith in Islam


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    subhan Allah ALLAHU AKBAR

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    Barakat lailahaillaula mohammad durrasulullah

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    Allah is the Greatest…

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    subhana allah

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    God s mercyful,,,, mashaallah

  16. suharto Says:

    ALLAH prove his power not to muslim people but even in other nation so that they can relized only ALLAH can provide everything that man cannot…Allahu akbar3x

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    Subhanallah. …..

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    subhana allah allaho akbar

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    Allah is the most Merciful.

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    MashaAllah..may allah clear our sins..

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    Subahama Allah

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    Allahu akbar

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    May his Macy be on as

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    MashaAllah SubhanAllah Miracles of Allah are countless & beyond superhumanbeing mind.

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    Allahu Akbar

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  33. Danzaria J. K Says:

    Masha-Allah!!! Allah Has spoken the truth, they trying to change the prophecies, through various ways in order to prevent people from embracing the religion of islam, by way of campaign of calumny & other vices. Allah will surpass them all.

  34. Waseem Ahmad Says:

    Beshak’ Science aaj proove kar rahee hai Hamaare Nabi ne to 1440 years before sab kuchh bataa diya tha .Waseem

  35. krishna chary Says:

    Awesome one

  36. robeobi Says:

    SubhanAllah! A humbling read. I also hear that Science has recently discovered that minerals show properties of life. If these are not the Signs of God, then what is?

  37. robeobi Says:

    Reblogged this on The Undepressed and commented:
    A humbling read about the Signs of God.

  38. shakeeltp Says:

    allahu akbar la ilaha illallah…

  39. Zam zam is connected to all the water sources in the whole world……

  40. eslkevin Says:

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    I think all water is miraculous.

  41. Alkaleri Says:

    Innaddina indallahil Islam.

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    Allahu akbar3x subhaallah3x alhamdulillah3x all


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    Allah is great

  47. Aminurasyid Says:

    Jarang kita diasuh utk meniatkan atau istilahnya bertasdik pd apa yg kita mkn kerana orang tua kita hanya mengajar kita menyebut bismillah apabila kita hdk mkn. Setelah umur meningkat dewasa kita pun mulai memahami “Inna wa amalul binniat” setiap sesuatu dimulai dg niat. Dr itu jatohkanlan niat apabila kita hdk mkn spt “wahai ya rabbi jadikanlah ianya ubat dan penawar bg setiap mkn dan miniman yg hamba mkn” supaya apapun kejahatan yg ada didlm mknan atau air itu- menjadi ubat serta penawar bg/kpd kita, wassalama

  48. asim nawab Says:

    May Allah Grant us the right eeman with success in Aakhirah !

  49. Javeed Makandar Says:

    Subhanallah The Creator of Universe who has got the so called power and command

  50. yousef Says:

    I believe the purity of zamzam as the blessing water. And i do believe when say BISMILLAH before eat/drink will give me a lot of benefit (in my way to practice islam and for healthynest). But I DO NOT BELIEVE THE STORY ON THE ABOVE ARTICLES. Because theres no proof, refferences, facts, or anything to support this japanese scientist research story is real or just a hoax. I wonder why so many people there, dare to create a hoax, a lie about how great islam is. So sad.

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    masha allah subhan allah allahu Akbar

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    masha allah…..allah u akbar

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    Suhanallah wa be hamdihe

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    Subhan Allah…………wish people realize the truth of Islam….

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    L’eau de zamzam est scientifiquement miraculeux!
    “We will soon show them Our signs in the Universe and in their own souls, until it will become quite clear to them that it is the truth. Is it not sufficient as regards your Lord that He is a witness over all things?” (41:53)

  69. Hassan baba Says:

    Allahu AKBAR

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    masha allah Subhanallah…….

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    Subahanalla walhamdulilal wallahu Akbar

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    Allahu Akbar.Which of the signs of Allah will you deny.

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  76. Bello N A Says:

    It surprises me a lot about the outcome of our Scientist Brother, thought it is what the Creator Almighty Allah created that the Scientists discover, despite that there are many things yet to be discovered. The miracle surrounding the outcome of the water with the sayings of Prophet Muhammad (saw) on this water with this scientific discovery signify Oneness and Uniqueness of Allah that needs to be obeyed and worshiped.

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    Alhamdulillahi-rabil-Aalameen… laaillaaha-eela-Allah, Muhamme rasul(saw)-e-Allah

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    SubhanulALLAH Amazing !!! Alhamdulilah it would love some zamzam water right now! ALLAH IS GREAT !!!!

  82. Firoz Khan Says:

    SUBHAN ALLAH… How much of any one can deny about the creations of ALLAH… ALLAH is the only one to be worshipped.

  83. Allahu Akbar no religion better than ISLAM


  85. Rayan Says:

    Source? Can someone provide a link to this study? It sounds amazing but just because a photo has a person on it and a few words doesn’t make it 100% true.

  86. saeed yamani Says:

    سبحان الله

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    allaaaahu akbar

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    Masha Allah n Subhanallah

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  92. mashaAllah may guides us to the right path and discover the reality of the din

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    Subhan ALLAH

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    Alhamdullillah Allah is Great

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  99. saddique Durrani Says:

    A time will come that water of zamzam will finish. One of the reason is that New buildings are coming up. Cement pavement are being made for km of km. How would rain water seep in to ground concreted has blocked the soil.

  100. olusesi kabir Says:

    Allahu akbar

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    Maa shaa allah walahou akbar

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    Subhanallah, Alhamdulillah, Allah
    hu Akbhar

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    Allahu akbar! yaa Allah, guide us and make us firm on the straight path.

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    subhana Allah…

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    Allah Rabbul aalameen

  107. Ibrahim D. Yakasai Says:

    Allahu Akbar, this is really one of the scientific miracles of the Holy Qur’an.

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    Subhanalla hi wa behamdihi

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    SubhanAllah Allah is great

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    سبحان الله!!! سبحانك ربي!!!

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    allah huakbar

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    The ZAMZAM Water gifted from ALLAH to Muslims of world

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    subahama Allah

  114. aasia shaik Says:

    Allah is only one, and Almighty says reciting Holy Quran daily is the beautiful career inside

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    mansha allah it is a great miracle

  116. Abdikarim A.Salad Says:

    mansha alklah it is miracle

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    Allah hu akber

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    Alhamdu lillahi
    Wa ma qadarullaha hqqa gadrihi

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    Allahu Akbar

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    Hasbunallah wa ni’imal wakil

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    Ma sha allah….Sub han allah….al hamdu illah….Allahu akbar

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    Subhan Allah !

  123. Subhan Allah…

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    ماشاء اللہ سبحان اللہ

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    Allahu akbar subhanallah

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    Subhan Allah

  127. Abdul Majid Says:

    So which of the favors of your Lord would you deny?

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    SubhanALLAH e wa be hamde hee, SubhaALLAH e al azeem..

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    অসাধারন তথ্য ।

  131. Fatema Dib Says:

    سُبْحَانَ اللّهِ وَ بِحَمْدِهِ
    هذا هو معجزة قوية من الله

  132. zeepwt Says:

    الله اكبر
    لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله

  133. Shakirullah Says:

    Islam is the truest and the most scientic religion.
    No body can find any unscientic thing in this most authentic religion.look at its ablution way,how great emphasis lay Islam on cleanliness.

  134. Faiz Says:

    Would you please write your comments in english

    Thank You!

  135. Md. Iftequar Hussain Says:


  136. […] from).  The water also has health benefits.  For further, see:  Miracle of Zam Zam or Scientist Discovery on Zam Zam or History of Zam […]

  137. Mir shafat Says:

    subhan-Allah,so return to Allah b4 itz too late

  138. Asif Rizwan Says:


  139. Arshad Says:


    Many thanks for bringing this research to our knowledge.

    No doubt that we have to work hard to find what Islam has for the humanities.

    Best Regards,

  140. Abu S Says:

    subhan allah

  141. Fatima Jutt Says:

    Mashallah…! #adorable stuff!

  142. searcher and thinker Says:

    sigh, believers patting other believers backs, never critically asking or searching
    a comfortable life is what everyone’s brains wants, why ask and search and think when you can just easily believe?

  143. Mohammad Yasir Says:

    I dont have anything against anyone…nut believing in this is insanity. Unless of course theres’ some proof apart from just words.

  144. Malam Abu Hali Says:

    Allah is great and Islam is the true religion of Allah..

  145. malik zulufqar ali Says:

    alhamdulillah. we believe it from very past as mohammad(s. A. W) SAY thousands of years ago…. our quran also says this…. thank god i m muslim

  146. ABDUL SAMMY D. BLO Says:


  147. Zameer Says:

    Allah is Great, Masha Allah

  148. Abdul-Hamid Abubakar Says:

    Subhanallah. verily Allah is the only one worth of worship. Allah is great

  149. heba Says:

    Subahan Allah. Miracle of Allah is unique. Miracles of Allah are amazing, marvellous, wonderful and great messages to make people understand that there is no one powerful than Allah.

  150. Subhanallah everything thing done by ALLAH.

  151. farosh Says:

    MashaAllah..Allah is d greatest:)

  152. […] Majestic Islam, Selasa (18/8/2015), Emoton melakukan penelitian terhadap air Zamzam setelah sebelumnya ia juga […]

  153. Ahmed Maldives Says:

    Allah had completed the necessary miracles for the mankind. Yet few more to happened for only to those believe in Shrik.

  154. shahwana amjad Says:

    subhan Allah

  155. Md kashif noor Says:


  156. Shamshad khan Says:

    My tounge is toooooooooooo smal to comment on ZAM ZAM

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    Really ZumZum water is very tasty that water Marcel of Allah s.w.a Alhumduallh…

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  163. fareed jaunbocus Says:

    Allah is the greatest.

  164. Dr. Md. Sharif Bulbul Says:


  165. Dawood Khan Says:

    Subhan the middle of rocky mountains no glaciers around….961 million liters of fresh water per day and for the last 4000 years…This is clear sign for those who believe.

  166. Dawood Khan Says:

    For indeed, there are stones from which rivers burst forth, and there are some of them that split open and water comes out, and there are some of them that fall down for fear of Allah . And Allah is not unaware of what you do. Surah Al Baqarah 2;74

  167. Muhammad tariq Says:

    One must keep exploring Islamic facts

  168. Muhammad tariq COMSATS Abbottabad Says:

    Muslim should research in Islam on ground.

  169. Tariq Says:

    Allah swt has blessed us in many ways but we are sleeping and not making use of the Quran ourselves and we are not passing on to others effectively.
    There were 124000 Muslim attended the Haj with the Prophet pbuh and he mentioned that now it is your duty to pass the Message of Islam to all the humanity and then this process should go on till the dooms day.
    So we must implement Quran and Sunnah in our life and society.

  170. BRAVE HEART Says:

    Masha Allah
    Allah is the most powerful witness and Islam is from Allah…
    Science will follow what the Almighty has decreed!


  172. Dr. Nikhat Bano Says:

    Commendable job

  173. Subhanallah….Allah is great creature…..

  174. jeong cp Says:

    A very good finding and geological aspects….Jeong cp

  175. Naheed Says:

    Subhan Allah….Bismillah

  176. Khin Maw Says:

    #108 responded Zam Zam will soon finish when Saudi building more and more and the surface water cannot enter the ground.
    I am sorry this comment is limited to human knowledge of one person.
    But keep in mind, Zam Zam will only finish when Allah decide. Because nothing on earth takes place without the control of Allah. If Allah decides no more buildings, all of them will flat to ground. If Allah decides we do not deserve Zam Zam then it may dry. It is all depends on Allah if you have faith. I am an educated Scientist, with a highest available level of education on earth. But this is what I believe.

  177. vrj.Venkatesh Says:

    Power of almighty never fails ZAM ZAM power equal to ZAM ZAM only SUBHA ALLAH —– VRJ.VENKATESH , India , Tamil Nadu , Salem

  178. Ebrahim Says:

    No doubt ZamZam is a miracal water

  179. Lukman Says:

    Bhai kya apke pas koi proof he ke zam zam water pr research ki gai he agr he to mera bta dena 7830441773

  180. TANVÉER AHMAD Says:

    Truth of the world Allah &. Islam
    I Request plz read Quran all of u its not for Muslim it is for us means all human being

  181. Sajjad Basit Says:

    Reply for above serial No. 190. Mr. Khin Maw – How you can make your perception that something will be finished, like any human and building etc. – if it is your believe then truly you have believe in Allah Subhana Wataala, Because Allah has drop a line for this Universe will reach to end but not earlier than Allah’s Order – before this all those things existing in this universe can not be supposed even can be finished with the blessings of Allah – do you estimate that how much more days you will alive – and if you will die, tell me when and where ?????????????????

  182. Abdullah Says:

    Allah is the greatest

  183. […] scientist researched the effects on water of the Qur’ān and found how water and it’s properties change. There […]

  184. […] scientist researched the effects on water of the Qur’ān and found how water and it’s properties change. There […]

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