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Ramadan (Ramazan) Checklist For Students and Everyone July 22, 2011

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As Salam O Alaikum!!

Ramadan is near and we again have this opportunity from Allah (SWT) to collect the countless blessings He descends onto us.

Remember Allah (SWT) more in this month and remember much more our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (SA) by reciting Durood Sharif frequently.

I have something very interesting for my Muslim brothers and sisters at this Ramadan to keep track of their daily routine in the month of Ramadan. It is a checklist I got from that includes the weekly routine which you must follow in the month of Ramadan. Take a print of it (4 copies) and follow up by ticking the particulars that you performed on daily basis. This is a very interesting practice, because at the end of the Ramadan you will be able to see over the sheet what you missed and how much did you performed. You must then next time encourage yourself to do more of what you did this year.

I insist you to keep this record private to you, because it is essential that you keep your Taqwa to yourself and do not let it reveal and thats when your Taqwa becomes stronger.

Download Here

Below is the screenshot of how the checklist look like:


4 Responses to “Ramadan (Ramazan) Checklist For Students and Everyone”

  1. wasima Says:

    Masha Allah bahot khoob,aur insha allah hum koshish karenge ki ye chart ka hum sahi istemal karein aur isse bhar den ameen.

  2. wasima Says:

    allah tala aapko is kaam ka ajr de ameen.jazaqallah

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  4. Sarah Zohar Says:

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