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O’ Al Ikhwan’s of Turkey October 21, 2010

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The Crescent has Doomed to extinction from your skies, I hoped for it
It was buried up and swarthiness covers the World
It was denigrated and its face made to vanish It was doomed to fall as it mounted full
Two wounds the Ummah suffers ^ One phlebotomizes(bleeds) and the other will not be healed
The Muslims have been critically impaired by you and in you ^ The pen has been entombed(buried) and the sword has
been hidden
They did not conclude its funeral and this is a mortuary ^ They tired black for you and left
Between its demise and your destruction there passed ^ Days we loved and we hated
debile decennium & centuries have elapsed ^ And captured nations have passed away like aspirations
They confiscated cities and villages by their throat ^ This ground forces of Greedy(crusades) Allies
They covered vast lands and skies ^ And cloaked the uplands and mounds
Barbarities occur among between the scripts of their imagination ^ Wherever they go injustice and crimes go along
Priests incite them in the name of the Book ^ they apply themselves to what is forbidden in the Book
And seize control of kingdoms mocked ^ To them People are but cattle

Address Ankara and say to her extolment ^ Your fate was constructed by the swords of your sons
O Daughter of ^ The proud mountains of Taurus arced their brains to your father
You both committed yourselves to aura and resisted enticement ~ He is among the dapples (Clouds) and you lull among your people
You and I share a religion and its Book ^ The East raises me as it raises you
O seafarer, you roam its depths ^ In all light and darkness
If you come to Marmara Denizi the ship is advocated ^ on in joy as the celestial horizon of serenity laugh

And you come to the Golden Horn refined ^ by sun-set masterpieces of substance and decorum
Look upon the kingdom of felicity and rise ^ the lofty Porte and perform your duty
state (Say) to the Caliphate I am crying for your sunlight ^ When yesterday it set at your ruination

O flame (Ignite) of Tawheed, can one put you out ^ when Allah Almighty fuels you

Minarets & podiums wept out for you ^ Kingdoms and worlds Cried

India is bereaved and Al Misr is dolorous ^ they weep for you with tearful eye
Al Sham, Al Iraq and Al Faras demand ^ Was the khalifatul min haji nabuwaah wiped from the earth?

To all Al Ikhwans of al Turkiye,
Your regime which acknowledges Israel, and substitutes trade, concerns and delegacies, and takes part in practices and skilled behaviour, your regime which issues some resolutions dissenting the crimes of the Al Yahud against Muslims in Philistines, as they slaughter the inocents rape and plunder the wealth of the Ummah. But, LO! in Afghanistan you have become blood thirsty of thy fellow brothers, you now behave like al yahud by pluderuing, arsoning and raping Mujahideen, their women, their children, their villages and property. It is the Duty of every fellow Turkish al ikhwaan to oppose thy Government in this crime against Islam and Muslims. We ask you to turn thy face to Kaba and ask for forgiveness and once again return as protector of Islam, defender of the Muslims and Mujahid against their enemies.

By Fahad Siddiqui


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