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Family Tree: From Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA) July 6, 2011

The below chart illustrates the lineage of the Prophets from Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA) ‘rahmat al il alamin. This chart is not created on my own, it is the same chart which is available on the internet on several websites. I am posting it on Majestic Islam, because I believe this is an interesting illustration to share with everyone.

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63 Responses to “Family Tree: From Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA)”

  1. Reply of my note left as above Says:

    I have read somewhere in Sahih Bukhari, some one questioned our prophet (pbuh) about number of prophets between Adam (AS) and him (pbuh) He (pbuh) replied 310 or 315. May some one tell me about this Hadees number and name of Kitaab ?

  2. no there is around about 200 or 300 prophets altogether.

  3. muhammad sukhraj Says:

    if this chart is true it means life on earth is started from 15000 years which is not true so there is a confusion to me.As in the chart mention that idris prophet is direct descendant from yard and and so on upto Adam prophet, but adam prophet came to earth so many year ago may be some lakh, so how i can blieve that it is true .. it may be true but then line of direct descendant is not true

  4. muhammad sukhraj Says:

    i have some confusion if any one know in detail then plz clear my doubt ,my brothers also may send email to me on my gmail id

  5. Dear, Sir,
    Aslamualekum ,
    I too have familly tree, that is antique manuscript drawn in 17th century, with Gold and ink made of precious stones. That is on 26ft long rolled paper, the subject of manuscript is Genealogical scroll (Shajra) of Hz. MOHAMMAD S.A.W. starts from Adam a.l.s. That is described in percian language with the help of Quran’s versis on both side of scroll. That is authantic and orignal, you can see some vedios by my link : ,, This Manuscript is for sale.
    Thanks & regards,
    Naved ali khan,
    Ph. No.

  6. omair Says:


    For info on No. of Prophets and Messengers, please refer to the following link:

  7. 138119 Says:

    Salamun alaikum

    The geneology stated are all wrong.

    The Prophet [P] was not descended from Ismael. In fact, the linage of prophethood of the family of Prophet Abraham was thru Prophet Ya’cob and Prophet Ishaq – AQ-29:27.

    AQ – 03:33 says that two family was chosen, the family of Prophet Abraham and Amran. Prophet Abraham as mentioned above while the family of Amran and was direct descendent of Israel – AQ 19:58.

    1. The Prophets of the family fo Prophet Abraham:-

    Prophet Ishaq – Ya’cob – Yusuf – Alyas – Zakaria – Yunus – Muhammad

    2. The Prophets of the family of Amran (only male were made prophets):-
    Prophet Musa / Harun
    Sister of Harun – Dawood – Sulaiman – Ayyub – Yunus – Maryam – Esa

  8. 13811962 Says:

    There were altogether 20 prophets as mentioned in The Glorious Quran – Read 06:83 to 89.

    The messengers mentioned in The Glorious Quran are Hud, Saleh and Shuaib [P].

    There were messengers who are not mentioned 04:164

  9. muslim Says:

    adam had lived 935 years in earth

  10. Zaimt Says:

    Like very much

  11. khurram Says:

    probably time line can not be calculated while studying this chart because the lives of previous generations was much longer then ours . hence correct timeline cannot be determined

  12. shahbaz khan Says:

    plz remove ads from this site

  13. Faiz Says:

    Hi Shahbaz… I never wanted to have ads on this blog. But since it is a blog, they have now started to show ads for themselves for providing free blogging service.

  14. Ali HASHI DHORE Says:

    i am very happy to see what is going on here

  15. May Allah (T) reword the founder of this page.

  16. Husayn Says:

    here is the date 02/11/14 I dreamt the Arameans are the Chaldeans MashaaAllaah

  17. Andrew Says:

    Where is prophet jesus’s name in the tree?

  18. Faiz Says:


    The Arabic name of Prophet Jesus is Isa.

    You can find him at the bottom right of the chart, just beside Prophet Muhammad. 🙂

  19. margret Says:

    there are many prophets.. U following nabi why? And Why Jesus is he directly came from heavan . But other prophets they selected from humans itself.and other prophets says about Jesus.

  20. you are all incorrect Allah (swt) had sent down over 144,000 prophets around 200 where messengers

  21. Says:

    Interactive Family tree of Prophet Muhammed (sws) and all other prophets.

  22. Hamna Shami Says:

    This site is okay, and I like it. Pretty much. Thanks for the info

  23. there no no definite number of prophets either in quran nor in sunna in quran it is mentioned that Allah send messengers almighty Allah told his prophet abot them their names were mentioned but so many names were not mentioned

  24. Faiz Says:

    Yes, there are definitely more than 124000 (More or Less) Prophets and all are not listed in the chart. The chart mostly include the Prophets that are mentioned in the Holy Quran.

  25. Faiz Says:

    Margret.. We Muslims believe in Jesus and that Jesus was born miraculously without any Male intervention and that Jesus is one of the greatest Prophet of Allah and Jesus healed the born blind and the lepers. A Muslim who doesn’t believe in Jesus is not a Muslim.

    Christians believe that Jesus is the Son of God Almighty and that he was Begotten not Made! Jesus is the God in a human form (Nauzubillah). And you believe in Trinity. This is not what Muslims believe in, we believe in oneness of Allah –
    Quran teaches us:
    Say: He is Allah, the One and Only;
    Allah, the Eternal, Absolute;
    He begetteth not, nor is He begotten;
    And there is none like unto Him.

  26. yahya Says:

    assalam alikum so how do we explain humans dating back to at least 40 to 200 thousand years ago please can someone explain please and do we know when noah was born because in chapter 7 verse 69 and chapter 23 verse 31 talk about hud and these verse make it sound like that noah wasent that far behid so if hud only came like 3000 bc to 6000 bc that means noah would of only come between to 8000 bc to 17000 bc and if we all come from noah and the people on the ark it doesent make scense and is unscientiffice so could anyone help out on this please jazzakkallah 🙂

  27. owaiz Says:

    Was interested to see. But I found many mistakes in the chart so can’t follow it.
    Its clearly well-known that Lutt(a.s) was nephew of Ibrahim(a.s),
    Ya’qub(a.s) & Isha(a.s) _Both sons of Ishaaq(a.s) were prophets.
    Binyamin(a.s) was also a prophet.
    Ibrahim(a.s) had 4 more sons from his third wife. And in one of those four sons generation came Ay’yub(a.s) and he was not generated from Lutt(a.s)
    Many prophets (p.b.u.t) are not mentioned.

  28. Md Rashedul Islam Says:

    I don’t know who are you and where you are from. But i Suggest you to delete the tree of Adham to Muhammad (PBUT). because if i separate it into three part 1. From Adham (PBUH) upto Ibrahim ( PBUH) and another from Ibrahim(PBUH) to Jesus (PBUH). 3. Jesus(PBUH) to Muhammad (SM). Big part of 2nd one you can get from Qur’an. and first two part you get from Bible which is not true.and 3rd part you can get from History not from Hadith

  29. Anonymous Says:

    […] discussed and proven here : how can I proof that? you could also find the complete tree here :…t-muhammed-as/ and here: Reply With […]

  30. i trying remember all names pray plz i don’t forget names of hazrat adam family tree

  31. Awatif Elameen Khideer Alussain Omar Diab Says:

    My family are 37 grand father and great grand father from the prophet Mohamed, PBU

  32. Noah had three sons, not just two. Why leave out an entire group of people.

  33. muhammad irshad Says:

    thank you for everything.. i apreciate u all ndi love the charts …

  34. Fatima Says:

    The total number of the prophets of Allah was 124000.its the right number

  35. Mustapha Samateh Says:

    May Allah bless this site. I have learned a lot within just five minutes.

  36. Hassan ibrahim Says:

    Allahu Akbar

  37. As salama lekum shaiktajuddin.

  38. zohaib kirkire Says:

    Allaah The Almighty informed His Prophet, , of the total number of Prophets and Messengers. Abu Tharr may Allaah be pleased with him narrates that he, , said that there were one hundred thousand Prophets and three hundred and fifteen Messengers; twenty-five of them all were mentioned in the Quran. Of those, eighteen were listed in the Chapter Al-An‘aam (The Grazing Livestock) and the others – Aadam (Adam), Hood (Eber), Saalih (Shaloh), Shu‘ayb (Jethro), Idrees (Enoch), Thul-Kifl (Ezekiel), may Allaah exalt their mention, and Muhammad,

  39. ZIA Says:


  40. ZIA Says:


  41. Faiz Says:

    Walekum As Salam brother

  42. haisa adam Says:

    as salamu alaikum

  43. Papatia Says:

    Reblogged this on Between Sisters, SVP! and commented:
    This is very cool masha’Allah :).

  44. mohd mustafa akheel Says:

    mmakheel5@gmail. Com

  45. Faruku shehu Says:

    This is true chart i like it

  46. Danquah Says:

    “TAQIYYA” Muslims and their deception teachings. Ooop!

  47. Mohammad Shajedur Rahman Says:


  48. Jamil Ahmed Says:

    All Muslims should know the prophets’ family tree from the Prophet, Adam (AS) to the last prophet, Mohammad (SW).

  49. This’s exactly what we should avoid..,we’re based in Kenya yet we happily read the Noble Quran Translated from Arabic to Swahili and English;Not Possible How? what do you mean! #GichuruJamal

  50. Husayn Says:

    this family tree is very incorrect The Prophet PBH only gave up to Adnan , if he wanted to he would have given more
    Volume 1, Parts 1.11.3
    He (Ibn Sa’d) said: Hishám informed us; he said: My father informed me on the authority of Abu Sàlih, he on the authority of Ibn `Abbas; he said:Verily the Prophet (may peace be on him), whenever he related his genealogy, did not go beyond Ma`add Ibn ‘Adnan Ibn Udad, then he kept quiet and said: The narrators of genealogy are liars, since Allah says: “There passed many generations between them.” (Al-Qur’an; 25:38)Ibn `Abbas says: The Prophet would have been informed of the genealogy (prior to ‘Adnan by Allah) if he (Prophet) had so wished.

    Volume 1, Parts 1.11.4
    He (Ibn Sa`d) said: `Ubayd Allah Ibn Musa al-`Absi informed us; he said; Isra’il informed us on the authority of Abu Ishàq, he on the authority of ‘Amr Ibn Maymun, he on the authority of `Abd Allah:Verily he recited “(The tribes of) `Ad and Thamud and those after them; none save Allah knoweth them.” (Al-Qur’an; 14:9) The genealogists are liars.

    with this being said first off the Adites conquered Iraq and Syria , mixing with the Akkadians and Amorites(Imliq) making them Aws in origin when actual tribe of Ad perished Prophet Hud PBH was with the Thamud , who are from him , they lived from Al Hijr to greater part of Syria mixing with the Assyrians and when actual tribe of Thamud perished it was the Imliq who are from Prophet SaaleH PBH , the Akkadians and Amorites(Imliq) formed the Nabateans who are the Arameans who are the Cahldeans who Prophet Abraham PBH comes from the Akkadians and Amorites (Imliq) are Arami because they mixed with the Ad and Thamud and they had element of Arphaxad because people of Arphaxad were dwelling in the West during the time of Ad and Thamud ,The descendants of Prophet Hud and Saleh PBH are the Akkadians and Amorites(Imliq) and Amorites and Akkadians mixed with Canaanites who are the straight haired Dravidians who are the original Mediterranean and Sumerian people and the other Canaanite people is same as pure Native Americans and also there was element of North Africa as Egypt ruled up the coast of Syria you just have to see the bedouins of Jordan , you will see the Canaanite mixes I am referring to one is dark to braown with lank hair and the other is fair with red type skin tone and they grow their hair long

    Th Adnani and QaHtani and probably Israelites mixed into that

    Chaldeans mixed with the Indo Aryan (Iranic) Medes Kurds (by the way are not originally European in feature also the Lydians before these two Indo aryan groups it was Hittites and Mitanni , Hittites became Neo Hittites(Lydians) and Mitanni has same origin as Medes or the Medes came out from the Mitanni

  51. Husayn Says:

    correction the Prophet (may peace be on him), whenever he related his genealogy, did not go beyond Ma`add Ibn ‘Adnan Ibn Udad,

  52. sheulimonir Says:

    Reblogged this on sheulimonir and commented:
    Alhamdu Lillah

  53. Husayn Says:

    It is incorrect

  54. Mohd..... noor Says:

    LA ELAHA ELLALLAHU MOHAMMADAN RASUL ALLAH……. ……. The total number of the prophets of Allah was 124000.its the right number…………………… All Muslims should know the prophets’ family tree from the Prophet, Adam (AS) to the last prophet, Mohammad (SW)………………..

  55. ulfat Says:

    please send me the best path of sahih hadith and from the Adam alih Salam to the last messenger of prophet Muhammad (pboh)

  56. Noortaj Says:

    What is the relationship between Mohammed s.a.w and Ali (r)

  57. saiyed.m.gizali akbar arifali Says:


  58. abdi Says:

    Seek knowledge!
    you will get many answers from the Tafseer Quran.
    Nabi Adam lived more than 1000 years
    Nabi Nuh alone was preaching islam 950 years
    the lifespan you are calculating is wrong

  59. Good and true Islamic history I love

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