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Dua To Easy Your Difficulties – Recite These Dua To Seek Tauba And Help From Allah August 18, 2012

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Bismillah ar-Rahman ar-Raheem

We all will be tested by Allah (SWT) and therefore we will pass through times which would seem difficult to us. But indeed Allah (SWT) will be preparing us to be strong and firm on our Imaan. At such times or occasions the best way to ask help from Allah (SWT) is the way Allah (SWT) and Prophet (SA) taught us to do.

Below are some Dua/Ayah with their translation which we must recite at the time of difficulty to seek tauba and help from Allah (SWT).

Please share your information and knowledge for the same purpose using the comment section.

You can also Download The PDFand save it to your computer.


125 Responses to “Dua To Easy Your Difficulties – Recite These Dua To Seek Tauba And Help From Allah”

  1. qualandar Says:

    Reblogged this on Islamic Articles and commented:
    Dua is the most powerful weapon of a momin!

  2. mohamed zamir Says:

    i have some personal problems after doing namaz iam getting little better. But my problems are not yet solve pls send me dua which my problems want to solve

  3. SARDAR KHAN Says:


  4. Mohammad Parveez Says:

    Insha Allah all your problem will be solve but with yakeen.Please recite all these dua and you will get good result Insha Allah.

  5. Mashaa allah
    very good work by you

  6. Nis Says:

    Anyone reading this please make dua for me so that I am happy with my husband and kids. That my businesses do well and all evil is kept away from me and my family. Please Allah keep Nazar away from me, people that are nasty away from me and my family, give me a heathly and long life so I succeed through these difficult times.

    Absolutely anyone that make dua for me I pray to Allah that your problems are solved too.

    Please make dua to help me I am just a normal innocent person that wants simple happiness and pray that inshallah I get it one day. Xxxxx

  7. zahra Says:

    asalamu alykum muslim brothers and sisters im running a race today 1500m at school not by choice i cant run really good and i need help i was crying tgats how much help i need thank you

  8. Shareef Says:

    Salaams may Allah grant you everything you want in this life and the hereafter ameen

  9. Shareef Says:

    Salaams may Allah grant you everything you want in this life and the hereafter ameen also help me and ask allah for his help ameen

  10. D Says:

    please pray for me.. for Allah to ease my difficulties and grant me what I want in this life and the next yarab. Thank you dear sisters and brothers in Islam may Allah grant you ever lasting happiness and success in this world and Jannah yarab.

  11. Shamsa Says:

    salaam brobrothers and sisters,

    I’m in great need of duas. I’m extremely desperate and I’m in the verge of losing hope. Please, please and please make dua’s for me. My health is in very questionable state and I’m very scared. I did something that was against my deen and now I paying the price. Please make dua’s for me, May Allah restore my health so I can worship Him better, Insha’Allah. I’m VERY DESPERATE, DESPERATE and DESPERATE… FOR THE SAKE OF ALLAH help me by making me duas. May Allah reward you for it, Insha’Allah.

  12. Rahamathulla Says:


  13. shakil ahmad raza Says:


  14. Tamkin Patel Says:

    Dear Muslim brothers n sisters reading this plz pray for me Im going through a very difficult time where I’m.feeling very difficult to come out through it..
    Plz I’ a great need of ur dua..
    Ya Allah.Plz.Mujhe Bacha le..

  15. inayat Says:

    please make duas for me, I’ve been married for 21 years, my husband lies to me all the time, he has taken many different credit cards and overcharged them behind my back. I have no idea where the money goes, I keep forgiving him hoping that he will change. He also took a bank loan and explained that the money went to his sister and brother. Now I lost my job and about to lose my home. I have 3 kids and I try to keep the marriage for the sake of the kids. Pray for me to get a job to provide for my family and keep the home. I don’t think duas can change his behavior I came to understand that he is selfish and envious he wants to give his relatives every thing I worked hard for. I just need duas to be able to provide for myself as this behaviour has been going on for 21 years, he pretends to be sorry but goes behind my back every time to do the same things that hurt our relationship. Please help me dear muslim I am about to lose my mind I even contemplate hurting myself since I don’t see an end to these hardship.

  16. Jahangir Says:

    I was here to gather duas for my difficult time right now. One of my beloved family member is not well. But after reading your comments I just want to pray all for you people only, who are in trouble right now. InshAllah you all will get great news, happiness and smiles. May ALLAH keep us all on the right path Ameen

  17. noorah Says:

    Aslm alykm i need dua my husband abandoned with three children and went for two younger girls who are non muslims pray for me that he comes back

  18. NejibJemal Says:

    I have difficuilt problem my in law whow I can solve this problem by du,a in two days

  19. Sarah Says:

    Please make dua for me brothers and sisters, I am also going through very scary health issues, please pray that Allah restores my heath 100%, and for all the Muslims out there, ameen ameen ameen

  20. Faiz Says:

    Inshallah! May Allah (SWT) give you good health and a long life.
    Ya Allah please help Sarah to recover “La ilaha illa anta, Subhanaka, Inni kuntu minaz-zalimin”

  21. Abbas Says:


    I am going through a really tough time. I have not been the best Muslim but have always tried to be a nice person to everyone. I am now realizing bring nice is not enough, and I must also pray and follow the path of a good Muslim. I am fearful I may lose my job due to someone else in my family who works in the same company who is having legal Battles at work. I do wish them the best in what they do as long as it is right(I have chosen not to know about their situation) , but now the company may fire me because I am related to that person. If you have just a minute or a few seconds please pray for me that I don’t get fired.

  22. Jabel Says:

    Please brothers pray for me to come out of a work related problem

  23. Besimi Laa Hirahmani Raheem, My brothers and sisters in Islam Please Pray for me to gain this world benefit and here after. I am in difficult situation,i am jobless to get a good job and pray for me to continue with my prayer. I thank you all, GOOD BLESS YOU ALL

  24. Anzeli Says:

    I would like every Muslim to pray for me and I will pray for you too inshallah may Allah accept our prayers

  25. Sadia Says:

    Plz Can u make dua for me !! I need ur duas !!!

  26. Noor Says:

    I need help please make due for me I’m in very difficult time. I lost my unborn child my husband left. My family don’t care about me. I have not done any harm to anyone. Please make dua or any dua I can read

  27. Zainub Says:

    Somebody pious once told me that the best way to ask for dua is by yourself in sajdah. I must say asking for dua this way gives me peace and I know Allah will help me In Shaa Allah Aameen.

  28. Saba Says:

    Assamuslaikum brothers and sisters.
    I’m undergoing divorce. Plz pray for me that my husband should realise and come back. Plz pray for me to have a happy and good life ahead. Plz . Jazakallahu khair

  29. abdullahi garba Says:

    thanks so much for your advise and considerations. this dua is powerful

  30. KHAN Says:

    I am in a very very difficult financial situation for years now. I have prayed very hard, day and night, for hours and hours but the problem persists. It has shaken my faith. It is destroying me and my family. I need help.

  31. haleema sadiya Says:

    The pictured aren’t really clear, and I cannot read the words on it.

  32. Huda Says:

    May Allah swt help all my brothers and sisters who are in difficulty and relieve their burdens. Please pray for my children who were born premature and have faced many physical and developmental difficulties since they were born. Alhamdullillah, Allah swt has been gracious in so many ways and brought them out of many dangerous difficulties, yet new difficulties and challenges continue to arise as they grow older and I feel worn down, even though I am trying very hard to keep my iman. Please pray that Allah swt gives them the best in this life and the Hereafter, just as He saved them when they were born, may He continue to be their savior and keep them in His love and protection always. Please pray that Allah swt gives me strength and patience to bear whatever He gives me and guides me to be the best Muslimah, mother, wife, daughter and sister, so that He may be pleased with me always and I may earn peace in this life and Jannah in the next. JazakAllah.

  33. My name is Mahmuda Khatun my headmaster she dont give me promotion for next class but i need promotion very much in 1/2 days please give me a dua for she do my work and she do i say.

  34. Quiyum Uddin Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum pls make dua for me in a difficult situation pls make dua to solve my problem

  35. LS Says:

    Please make dua for my husband. He is having a hard time finding a job and is away from the kids and I. He went through some severe depression last year and it broke our family. We are trying to make things work, however it is tough for him to find a job. Please make dua for us.

  36. Fatima Says:

    Asak everyone please pray for me
    My husband needs job and have 4 children vry worried about them
    Please pray for me

  37. Husain Says:

    Dear Muslim Brother and Sister please dua for me now i am in big problem

  38. nasar rahman Says:

    salam brothers and sisters , whoever needs to solve their difficulties after obligatory prayers just follow the tasbees
    which are here insha allah sure it will get answered ;ast;

  39. upoma Says:

    please dua for me to get 100 percent correct in my test

  40. Rasul Bin Ibrahim Says:

    Asallam Aleikum Muslim Brothers and sisters,
    Am a gentleman with a family and business so kindly requesting whoever reads this article to pray for one another so that we can seek Allah’s counsel,May He protect us from Thieves, Robbers, Deadly diseases, All kinds of Accidents, Bad omen, shirk, Ria, ignorance, keep us away from zina, gambling, riba and ursury. May He forgive us the sins we have committed,May He help us forgive those who harm us, who do alot behind us, May He clean our intention, May He give us good families ,Children and the capability to manage our families in whatever situation we are in,May he smoothen our life both on earth and hereafter. Allahuma Amen

  41. Aminat Says:

    Asalam Alaykum brothers and sisters I want you all to remember me in your prayer please everything was ok before I got married and Alihamdulillahi I got pregnant and after I had my child I lost my job everything is been tough for me and my family and have been looking for job for almost a year now and have been searching for dua and and fast a lots and pray yet my situation is still tough please I pray that Allah ease our pain but please I urge everyone to pray for me. Jazakallah

  42. sana hussain Says:

    i am only in high school but i am 16 years old.
    we love each other alot and i know you are probabily thinking he is a bad person but he truley isnt i know that much he is such a nice human being and respects all girls so i know he isnt a mess about.
    my parents have seen me talking to him a couple of times coming out from school and have warned me to saty away from him.
    yesterday out of the blue my mum asked my brother if he ever seen us together and he said yes my mum made me swear by the quran that i dont have any kind of relationship with him and i did.
    i am ashamed about what i have done and am very scared about what is going to happen as if my dad finds out he will kick me out the house or something equally worse.
    please do dua for me even though you probabily think i am not worth it.

  43. 123 Says:

    I’m currently a student of gr-10 and I want to study with my friend farther but, my parents aren’t allowing me.
    is there any dua for the same

  44. Amaan Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters
    My mother is very sick and I am the only one to help her, I am only 19. please can anybody make dua for me to help me through this, I wish happiness to everyone InshAllah .

  45. Mohammed abdul aleem Says:

    Excellent dua, it is very easy to remember any time any where.

  46. asiya Says:

    pls duwa karo tommarow my result

  47. Faiz Says:

    Inshallah, Aameen!

  48. Faiz Says:

    May Allah help you with all your difficulties and always protect you and guide you and increase the love of our beloved Prophet (SA) in your heart, that’s how you can succeed in Duniya and Aakhira. Aameen!

  49. Faiz Says:

    May Allah make it easy for you and your family. Provide you rizq from Al-Ghayb and make your childrens obedient and pious. And may you get all the good of this world and Al-Aakhira. Aameen!

  50. Faiz Says:

    May Allah make it easy for you and your family. Provide you rizq from Al-Ghayb and make your childrens obedient and pious. And may you get all the good of this world and Al-Aakhira. Aameen!

  51. Faiz Says:

    May Allah (SWT) make all your difficulties easy and give you strength and taqwa and give you all the good of this world and the other. Aameen!

  52. Faiz Says:

    The most powerful Dua to get out of difficulties. Inshallah, Allah will make it easy for you. Do recite Durood before and after making this dua. May Allah (SWT) help you. Aameen!

    Translation: “None has the right to be worshipped but You (O Allah)), Glorified (and Exalted) are You
    (above all that (evil) they associate with You). Truly, I have been of the wrong-doers.”

  53. Saher Says:

    I’m going through really difficult situation which I don’t want to be in. Whoever reads this please make dua for me. It will be really helpful and I will appreciate it too.

    Thank you

  54. muneer Says:

    Now i am sum problem. I don’t know how to solve. But my thinking is wrong

  55. Tazmin Begum Says:

    Salam brothers and sisters. I have read all the comments above and I will make dua for you all in’sha’Allah. I am in a very bad situation myself, I am in the proses of getting married but there are evil people playing with my fathers head. This might lead to my father walking out on us all and my parents’s marriage will be broken. I have 8 sisters, 9 including me and my mum is very ill, people still think it is right and okay to play with his head and turn him against his own wife and kids. Even during this beautiful month of Ramadan, people carry on lying and twisting things. Please everyone, when you read this…make dua for my family, especially my mother, Allah (swt) to give her more and more sabr and Allah (swt) to eye my fathers eyes and give him sabr and understanding.
    In’sha’Allah Allah (swt) makes the evil people understand that whatever problems they cause between my parents and sisters, it’ll always come back into their own families. I really hope so.

  56. Hajiera Says:

    Yen hubbykum yenaku fight inshallah dua panuga plssssss brother and sister He is my future lyf plsssssssssssssssss dua for me

  57. zainab Says:

    At what time should we recite these duas??
    is there any specific time to read these duas??

  58. sheik adham Says:

    Assalaamu alaikum warahmathulla hi wabarakathuhu…
    plz.. giv me a suggestion. Im trying alot to get job. those who perform well they got job. many good companies approaching me with good salary. after interview and salary everything fixed. after few days they saying sorry currently we cant recruit you. i feel very bad. plz do dua for me. and send me suggestion. searching job for 3months.

  59. R Says:

    Plz can sisters and brothers pray
    for me I want a sister I am 15yrs old
    I have 3 brothers I am always crying being upset I really want a sister. My cousins be with ther sisters and I have no one to talk to
    I feel so lonely plz Allah swt give me a sister
    I pray all the tim asking Allah for a sister
    Inshallah Allah will give me a sister

  60. Miriam Says:

    Please pray for me. I have moved away from my family for my husband who doesn’t love me, doesn’t respect me and definitely doesn’t love me. Im in this marriage bc of my daughter but know he is planning on doing what he can to take her from me and divorce me. Please help me for I am all alone with no income and no support.

  61. guchia Says:

    should read this in 1 day???

  62. Afreen Says:

    assalmu aleikum bhai aur beheno . My bahut mushkil situations mei hu.. Apni aur apni behen ki padhai ruk ja rahi hy due to financial problems. Pls pray fr me to get continued with our studies pls

  63. Nabeela Says:

    Dear brothers and sisters please help me and my family in ur dua as I’m in great difficulties need all ur dua, hope all our difficulties pass through this hard time Allah (swat) grants us with happiness and peace in our lives and keep nazar and evil people away from us all amen remember me my family in ur dua….

  64. Nsubuga Musa. Says:

    plz I need you to pray for me, with some financial problems.

  65. smumir Says:

    please make dua fir me married eith 2 children last 2years been very difficult my job ended suffering frim
    depression family being affected greatly financial and job problems

    please pray Allah makes it easy fir all with problems
    sumeer munir

  66. Zainab Says:

    I have a very difficult pproblem plzzz dear sisters and brothers pray for me Allah solve my problem

  67. Zainab Says:

    I have very difficult problem plzz dear sisters and brothers pray for me Allah solve my problem 😥

  68. Ahmed Musa Says:


  69. Maryya Says:

    Assalamualikum everyone. Please make dua for me I am going through a really terrible difficulty that has been going on for nearly a year now. It’s a health issue that even the doctors can’t seem to solve it. Please remember to make dua for me. Jazakkahllah everyone!

  70. adeel Says:

    someone please make dua for me as I have lost all my money and I need some money please someone do dua for me I’m really stressed I haven’t even done eid I been at home all day

  71. Mohammed Sajith Says:

    Al Hamdu Lillah – Alaa Kulli Haal

  72. Sadou Says:

    Thanks for the dua I’m living in USA I hope God accepted the dua and the all people dua Amen I been looking for something can make me stop drinking alcohol and party please I asking anyone to help and dua god bless everybody Amen

  73. Muhammad Arshad Akhtar Says:

    May Almighty Allah accept the prayers of my sister in Islam and cause ease for her.

  74. Mahi Says:

    Mashaallah good work!

  75. ibrahim Umar Says:

    Pls I need dua@ this time of difficulty. Where I work I over paid someone unknowingly and the person went away with it. I need dua that we change the persons act to return the money. Though I know is difficult but with dua everything is possible.

  76. K97 Says:

    Assalaamalaikum brothers and sisters. I ask for everyones dua for me and my family please. Any kind wishes or duas will help. Inshallah they will be answered.

  77. Allah servant Says:

    I hope Allah Pak grants all your duas, our Lord will test and only He knows why we have to experience these hardships and worrying times. MAY ALLAH PAK GIVE US THE STRENGTH TO MAKE HIM PROUD OF HIS SERVANTS!!!

  78. N Says:

    Salam bro and sisters pls pray for me as i will for you. I have some problems at wrk and suffer from depression.

  79. Chaudhry sajid Says:

    Plz pray for me my brothers and sister. In this time i am in very bad situation. My request to brothers and sisters. I also pray for my all humanity.

  80. Naim Says:

    hi i am goig through hard time please pray for me and all my family Thank you

  81. Mr Amer Waqar Says:

    As salaam alykum
    The arabic text are not really clear to read.

  82. Ali Says:

    Due to my own irresponsibilty i.have created a huge blunder for myself. Really i feel guilty. And i do not have the time to fix it. But with my earnest efforts i tried. Tried my best. I want to come out of this mess. I do not want this to hinder a huge opportunity that i managed to have with great lots of difficulties.

  83. Mubarak Says:

    May Allah see us through. ameen

  84. Shaan Farooq Says:

    Please do a dua for me, my brother and sisters. I have forgot to do my homework, so I probably am going to get a detenti8n. Ya allah, u are the exalted, beneficent, compassionate please do not give me a detiom. Ya allah, please. I beg you to do this for me.

  85. Muslim brother Says:

    Salaam brothers and sisters, I am going through very difficult times. Please make dua for me and my family. I share with you my story only hoping someone’s dua will save me. I have been committing very bad sins for the last few years now hoping for a better life but nothing ever goes right. My family is all broken my mother and father have split up my brothers and sisters are all over the place, in prison, drug addicts just living life on their own wishing the same as me to be wealthy so we can be together and not be looked down at. I have been selling drugs for a while now and make very good money from it but still I can’t save a penny I just end up doing haram with it even though I try my best, I’m surrounded by bad influence and commit all kinds of sins daily. Every night I go to sleep with regrets of over spending and hopes of getting rich for my family by controlling my bad habits and avoiding bad company. But still nothing changes, I’m in debt. I’m very scared I might end up in prison from were I was just released from, I came out with the intention to get it right this time but I fukd up even worse. I want to stop and go halal but the money is too good no job can offer me this. But the money all goes back on drugs alcohol and gambling and other haram stuff. Please for me that I can get out of this dogs life and find success somewhere so I can give my ill mother and family a better life. And inshallah everyone who is reading this, for their difficulties may allah guide them and bless them with ease throughout.

  86. ayesha sharif Says:

    pls make dua for me family very difficult situation need of finance we have made somuch credit now it is difficult pls prayer for me urgently i dont now want to do hope allah will listen my dua


  88. Sunny Says:

    Everybody please makes dua for me…I am going though tension about school, not getting good grades. I need duas from everyone. Thanks,

  89. Lipikar Says:

    Please do duas for Rafiqul Hasan from Bangladesh to ease his time of trouble and for his wife who is seriously ill in the hospital. This request is from his Tibetan Buddhist friend who is also praying to ease their suffering.

  90. Lipikar Says:

    May Allah receive the prayers of Rafiqul Hasan (from Bangladesh) and lift his and his wife’s suffering. This request is from his Tibetan Buddhist friend.

  91. M Ali Says:


  92. faozia Says:

    when we r very difficult moments we have no words to say prayer but our teas only coming when I got this duas I was happy jazakallaha

  93. HELPME!!!!! Says:

    Can this prayer or dua be done during mense

  94. Aisha Says:

    Assalamu Alaikum my brothers and sisters pls am in need of money urgently cos my skul is closing the reg. I’v tried al d best i could but to no avail n i’m in my final class…..pls help me wit dua pls

  95. Sarata Says:

    Asalamu alykum to my fellow Muslim. My name is sarata,and am based in USA. I came here today to asked all of you to pray for me in the name of Allah subahanawatalla. I’m in a very difficult financial situation for so long. It’s getting more and more difficult everyday for me

  96. Shabbeer Says:

    Please everyone make dua for me for I am in great financial mess with no income and huge debts. May Allah help me in granting me the means and the income so that I can repay all of my debts and meet my expenses. Ameen

  97. arif Hussain Says:

    please pray for me i am in a big difficulty. and please send me a prayer to solve this

  98. Ibrahim Khan Says:

    Jazakallah brother/sister for this dua and may Allah bless you and your family I’ve been looking for many ways out of hardship but forgot dua and you have helped me

  99. ABDUL MALIK Says:

    Assalamu alaikum, are you sure by saying the above dua my difficulties and worries will be solved the soonest because I am suffering with problems more than 15 years especially financially and I have tried many Islamic way of solutions but nothing seemed to be easing me and I have started to lose confident in these suggestions.

  100. ABDUL MALIK Says:

    So far there is no response from you meaning this site is not active anymore, right?

  101. Hafsa Says:

    Hopefully Allah helps me tomarrow

  102. Hafsa Says:

    Ya allah please help me tomarrow only you can help me
    I’m 11 years old accept my prayers
    Everyone do dua for me and Allah wil bless you all

  103. JUMA GALIBWA Says:


  104. Talha syed Says:

    I will dua for all of you as i hope you people will for me i am is a bad because i once disrespected my mom which i regret and my life has just went down hill. Please i request help from everyone. The last week before university my university withdrew the offer for almost no reason. Please pray for me and more importantly give the most attention and respect to your parents regardless of their age and mind. Your parents deserve the most respect out of anyone in your life im 17 and learned this in a very bad way please learn for my mistakes and please pray for me as i will for you all who do when ever i get the chance inshallah may allah bless us all with mercy

  105. ADmin2travel Says:

    Peace be with you all. I may not be a fully pledge covert yet but I believe in Allah’s plan. I am knocking at your kind hearts for support in prayers. May Allah bless your true intentions.

  106. Sheaharazade Fuentebella Says:


  107. Sheaharazade Fuentebella Says:


  108. Khadija Says:

    SubhanAllah. Thank you for posting these beautiful Duas.

  109. Fathima Veero Says:

    Who ever has faith on Allah and his power, it is definitely effective if you recite any dua above mentioned. Subhanallah. Just trust him blindly and seek his forgiveness and support and he will be always with you. You can pray salathul haja and make dua in second sujood bowing your head to him and miracles could happen. Insha Allah. It’s all my experience. May Allah keeps everyone at peace.

  110. Nimmy Says:

    Do we need to recite all or any 1?

  111. walusimbi Says:

    Masha Allah
    Jazakalahu khairan fidunia wal akhira

  112. abdulsalam ibrahim Says:

    May Almighty Allah grant each and every request of ours. i pray 4 my muslim brothers and sisters every day. lets have faith in him(Allah) and he will never fail us. ma shaa Allah

  113. Abdulmumini Bilikis Says:

    May Almighty Allah reward you with good. Ameen

  114. Aziz Says:

    I have applied for multiple jobs but I hv not even an interview to prove myself pls can this tauba help me get the job??

    Please help me

  115. musah abdul rahim Says:

    salaam brothers and sisters , i really need help , i travel and have little difficulties with the immigration and they want to return me back to my country but i need prayers for them to grant me permission please .

  116. Saira Says:

    How many times we can recite these Ayah in a day? Can we read all of them together or just any of them.

  117. Farhan Zahid Says:

    Dua only works for who makes it with sincerity and faith.

  118. ali Says:

    I am facing last 1.5 years problem please pray for me to solve my Badly problem. please pray for me.
    really i am in problem. kindly pray for me

  119. farhanath Says:

    i also have many personel problems all of you pls pray for me

  120. Iqra Says:

    Alhamdulilah calaa nicmatul islaam

  121. Berm Says:

    GOD is my life and i must love him and inshaGOD i only obey him than 👌we will suceed hopfully may GOD be with us all even the ones that don’t know about him i came this far a resain GOD is the only way believe me.

  122. Manal Says:

    Please give a daleel for the number of times you gabe said to read each dua. Jazak Allaj khair

  123. Fatima Says:

    I am in extreme difficulty with my 18 year old son. I am very worried. Please make Dua for him and the rest of the family. May Allah bless you.

  124. My exams will start at 28 … Pls tell me Dua how to sucess

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