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The Loyalty Of Those Who Loved Prophet Muhammad (SA) January 30, 2010

The Prophet Muhammad (SA) was deeply loved and respected by those who followed Him. None would turn their back on Him, nor would any abandon the religion to which He had brought them. This deep love and reverence continues in the heart of every Muslim to this day. This love and loyalty can be show with many examples from His lifetime.

The Remarkable Companionship

One day the holy Prophet (SA) was saying His prayers in the Kaba. He was completely lost in thoughts of Allah. Abu Jahl and some other chiefs of Makkah were sitting in the courtyard of the Kaba. “I must finish with Muhammad today,” said Abu Jahl. So saying, he took a long piece of cloth. He put it around the holy Prophets (SA) neck. Then he twisted it hard. He was going to strangle the Messenger of Allah. The other chiefs looked on and laughed.


Abu Bakr (RA) happened to see this from a distance. He at once ran to the help of the Prophet (SA). He pushed Abu Jahl aside and took off the cloth from around the holy Prophets (SA) neck. Thereupon Abu Jahl and the other enemies of Islam fell upon Abu Bakr (RA). They beat him very badly. Indeed, the beating was so severe that Abu akr (RA) fell down senseless. He was carried home. He did not regain his sense for several hours. And when he did come to himself, the first question he asked was, “Is the Prophet (SA) well?” Abu Bakr did not care about his own suffering. He was glad that he was able to save the Prophets (SA) life. Abu Bakr knew full well that if any harm came to the Prophet (SA), the only hope of mankind would be gone. This made him risk everything he held dear for the safety of the Prophet (SA) and for the spreading of His message.


No Prophet or Messenger has ever had such devoted, faithful, loyal and sincere companions as those of Prophet Muhammad (SA). They constantly expressed their deep devotion and love for the Prophet (SA). They could not bear the slightest discomfort for their beloved Prophet (SA).


It was the fourth year after the move of Medina. The towns of Adal and Qarah asked the Prophet (SA) to send some scholars to teach them. This was a trap, and on the way eight of the scholars were killed. Two of the scholars, Zaid ibn Ad-Dathinnah and Khubabi bin Adi, were taken back to Mecca. There they were tortured by having pieces of flesh cut from their bodies, and they were taunted by the crowd that encircled them. They were asked, “Don’t you wish now that your Prophet was in your place?” to which Zaid bin Ad-Dathannah responded calmly, as blood poured from his body, “No, I would hate to enjoy life while my beloved Prophet (SA) was suffering even from the prick of a thorn.”


Abu Sufyan, the Prophets (SA) great enemy, said, “In this world I have never seen a person with friends who loved him this much.”


A short while later Abu Sufyan had a change of heart, and he himself became a Muslim. He followed the Prophet (SA) everywhere He went, and would sit on His doorstep with his small son just to see the Prophet (SA) as He entered or exited. He even once found himself in a position to defend the Prophet (SA). He fought standing next to Prophet Muhammad’s (SA) mule, wielding his sword with his right hand, and holding his friend’s saddle with his left. Abu Sufyan loved the Prophet (SA) so much that after the latter’s death Abu Sufyan went and dug his own grave, dying three days later.


When the Prophet (SA) cut off His hair, Khalid bin Walid (RA) asked permission to take some locks of hair to keep. And he took the locks and put them on his eyes.


He kept these locks of hair all his life and carried them in his turban until he died.


It is narrated that Khalid bin Walid lost his turban in the battle of Yarmuk and he told everyone to look for it. But they could not find it anywhere. He ordered them again to look for it and finally they found it. When they brought it to Khalid bin Walid they asked:

‘O Khalid! It is a torn and old turban, why did you waste our time for this turban?’


Khalid bin Walid (RA) said: Once I took some locks of hair from the Prophet (SA) after He had cut them off. I kept them in my turban and since then whichever battle I have joined, I have been successful, the secret of my victories is my love for the Prophet (SA).”


The Companions listen to what the Prophet (SA) said. They acted as the Prophet instructed. They practiced what the Prophet (SA) showed them. They loved the Prophet (SA) more than their own souls.


They served and saved the faith with their great sacrifices and sincere deeds and practices.


May Allah grant us the guidance to follow in the footsteps of the brightest stars, the Companions of the Prophet Muhammad (SA), at all times.


2 Responses to “The Loyalty Of Those Who Loved Prophet Muhammad (SA)”

  1. Muhammad Says:

    Allahu Akbar.

  2. Me 2 i wish every muslim umma to follow the footstep of prophet (sw).compernion.may allah kelled us in islam.ammen

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