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AL-MUTAKABBIR December 23, 2009

He Who Reveals His Greatness in Everything

The parting of the sea by Moses (AS)

Allah describes His greatness through examples in the Quran.

When Prophet Moses (AS) requested “My Lord, show me Yourself so that I may look at you!”

Allah replied: “You will not see Me, but look at the mountain. If it remains firm in its place, then you will see Me.”

The rest of the account is related, as follows:

…But when His Lord manifested Himself to the mountain, He crushed it flat and Moses fell unconscious to the ground. When he regained consciousness, he said: “Glory be to You!…” (Quran: 7/143)

When Prophet Abraham (AS) said: “My Lord, show me how You bring the dead to life.” Allah replied: “Take four birds and tame them to turn to thee. Then put a portion of them on each mountain and call to them; they will come rushing to you. Know that Allah is Almighty, All-Wise.” (Quran: 2/260)

In this way, Allah showed Abraham His greatness.

Allah told Prophet Lot (AS) to leave his city early in the morning with the believers and not to look back. That morning, He destroyed the unbelieving nation and rescued Prophet Lot (AS).

Allah made the fire coolness and peace for Prophet Abraham (AS). By the hands of Prophet Jesus (AS), He healed the blind and brought the dead to life.

In the time of Prophet Moses (AS), He parted the sea and drowned the Pharaoh’s army. This is how Allah manifests His greatness and part of His infinite power.

Allah openly reveals His greatness and power at every moment and in every incident. At dawn, He sends a hurricane towards those who feel attached with greed to this life of the world, or He turns their cities upside down and makes them uninhabitable. In this way, Allah strips such people of their possessions and goods.

He submerges an entire city by pouring heavy rain upon it, or ruins it by sending a great earthquake.

The skies and the ground, the wind and the rain, all of which act under His surveillance, bring unseen destruction to that city, and its people witness Allah’s overwhelming power. No doubt, Allah is Al-Mutakabbir.

In the face of His power and strength, no one can be arrogant. He is the sole authority before Whom all will prostrate.


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