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Why I Am Muslim? December 18, 2009

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Angela Smith

Like how beautiful did Allah made the Moon, that you can't praise HIM enough. For you don't have those word of kudos.

God was instilled in me as a child. I came from a French-Canadian Catholic family. I sought God in the New England woods where I grew up. I watched the cycle of the seasons, the course of the Sun and the Moon. I observe the pristine, perfect beauty of nature. Everything had its own rhythm and purpose. It had its own design in symmetry and in proportion. From atoms having their own circular orbits, to galaxies and stars revolving around each other, everything had its own system and submitted to the will of God. God’s divine law is in the rules of physics. Only to the human being did God gave free will allowing us to choose between good and evil. Man’s love for God was greatly cherished by God, because humans have the ability to choose to love or not. God gave me strength to overcome many things.

I became a poet and an artist to celebrate what I saw in the beauty of nature. I was dismayed by the falsehood and the disintegration of family, the disregard for women in my society.

I converted to Islam upon my marriage. I married a Bengali man 23 years ago. I raised my children in the Bengali and Muslim culture. The Bengali culture is a very family oriented and I also traveled to Bangladesh many times.

All my life I have been very softhearted to those less fortunate than me. I believed that I followed the compassionate way of the Prophet (SA). I have worked with abused and abandoned, mentally challenged children as an art teacher and tutor.

I have read the Quran. It is not a book of terrorism. It is a book of peace. There are people who distort sections of the Quran for their own benefit, just the same as the Bible and other books have been distorted, for people’s selfish political goals. It is amazing the descriptions of science and nature which there is no way an illiterate man that many years could have known about or written about. One should learn the Quran in Arabic, but also learn the translation and the meaning of it. This way no one can sway anyone to any misconceptions or wrong thinking.

I follow the Quran, which gives vivid descriptions of nature as signs of God. I believe fully in the simplicity of the Quran and its way of life. Everyday I thank God that he guided me to Islam.


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