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Stages Of The Heart December 11, 2009

Call of a Sufi

The honored Ustadh Mahmud Sami Efendi used to repeat some hadiths to strengthen belief and enlightenment. By repeating them often, it was if he was suggesting that they be memorized.

One of these hadiths was originally narrated by Ibn-i-Abbas: “One day I was riding behind the Prophet (SA). He commanded: ‘Son! Let me tell you a few words (to memorize). Respect Allah, that is, take care to stay away from what is forbidden. Consider that you will find Him facing you.’ He went on to say ‘Whenever you want anything, ask for it from Allah. Whenever you need help, ask for it from Allah.

Even if all creatures were to combine there forces in unison, desiring to offer you some kind of advantage or benefit, they will not be able to grant you anything more than what Allah has prescribed for you. Also, even if all the creatures were to combine forces to harm you, they would not be able to do any more than what Allah has approved for you. Everything has been written, and all the pages have been completed and the ink is long dry.’”

This is a hadith that every believer should keep like a mirror in their heart. They should act in this way, they should work in this way and end their life in this way. With the mercy and help of Almighty Allah may they be safe and sound from the difficulties of the world and the hereafter.

In this hadith, it is stated that a servant of Allah should arrange all of their behavior and actions in the knowledge that everything is always in the hands of Allah Almighty and subject to His divine acceptance.

When a servant of Allah reaches the complete understanding that Allah is the one and only owner of everything, they are then able to comprehend that whatever position a person finds themselves in they are nothing more than helpless humans with only limited powers.

Therefore, they can rely neither on their name nor their possessions, nor their children. They then know that everything occurs with the help of Allah Almighty and this increases one’s knowledge, devotion, love and resignation. Then a person stops expecting anything from created beings. They know that all the difficulties will come to an end if they are patience, and at the end of every trouble there is ease, relief and comfort.

It was always easily to understand from the face of our honored teacher if He did not approve of those who were complaining about their lives or who had unhappy faces or bad tempers.

Such discontent is a result of not being aware of one’s own inner self and being preoccupied with searching for other’s faults. Or perhaps this could be due to a lack of understanding about the matter of destiny.

People who have such attitudes are in the habit of complaining all the time. They are able to gossip about ten things in five minutes. Not only should we take care of the things that we must do, we also have to stay away from people who have such temperaments and who are imprudent, because it is easy for imprudence to spread from heart to heart.

Almighty Allah commands in the Quran: The Day whereon neither wealth nor offspring will avail, except for he who brings to Allah a sound Heart. (Surah 88-89)

The heart is divided into five parts:


This is the heart of the unbelievers.


This is the heart that is full of passion for the world (earthly passions).


This is the heart that is unsettled between the world and the hereafter.


This is the heart that is busy with Zikr (Dhikr).


This is the heart that puts the states of the Prophet, his companions, and those that are loved by Allah ahead of the others.

As a matter of fact, the elders used to day: “Praying leads to heaven. Praying with utmost respect causes one to reach Almighty Allah.”

May our Lord protect our hearts, which He keeps in His view, from all kinds of love for the world and from the wickedness of our nafs and from evil.


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    i like to attach this type of humanbeings ever

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