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Lofty Moral Lessons By Prophet (SA) September 2, 2008

Prophet Muhammed (SA)

The Unique and Perfect Role Model

Prophet Muhammad

Prophet Muhammad

It is only possible for a believer to reach the supreme state of humanity if they perfect their spiritual attributes by taking a share in the exemplary life and lofty morality of Prophet Muhammad (SA). This state can then be achieved through Love felt for the Prophet and by mastering the ability to encircle oneself with his spirituality.

All of humanity has heard the Holy recitations that cure and invigorate the heart with the Prophet’s blessed speech. Mankind has become the manifestation of Rahman’s (The all Compassionate) forgiveness and benevolence by honoring the love of the Prophet who is known as “the Light of Existence”. Again, despite of all its sins, mankind has attain the right to be compassionately addressed by our Lord as “O My Servants!” in honor of his love for the Prophet.

In view of this benevolence, courtesy and kindness, our duty as the Muslim Ummah (community) is to wholeheartedly follow the orders, prohibitions and advice of the Messenger of Allah (SA) and to live our lives with the spirituality of Sunnah (The Prophets words and actions).

Being “compassionate and merciful” himself, the Prophet wished his Ummah to follow these instructions. Some of these are as follows: a> Our Prophet (SA) proclaimed- My Lord has ordered me to be in a state of awe and to fear Him in private and public (I advice you to be this way too).

As he was completely obedient of this order, like all of Allah’s orders, the Messenger of Allah (SA) said: “I swear on Allah Almighty that I am the one among you most in fear of Him and I am the one who is most in awe of and reverential towards Him.” (Bukhari, Niqah 1) Whenever he left a gathering the Prophet always made a supplication to His Lord, saying: “O Allah, bless us with your fear sufficiently to prevent us from sins.” (Tirmizi, Daavat, 79).

Amongst mankind it was the Prophet (SA) who was blessed with the highest manifestations of Allah Almighty, One day He said to His companions: “If you knew what I knew you would laugh little and weep much” and covering their faces they all cried aloud. (Bukhari/Tafseer 5/12)

Allah Almighty promises Paradise to his servants who are in fear of Him in secret and in public. In a verse of the Quran He says: “And for such as had entertained the fear of standing before their Lord’s (Tribunal) and had restrained (their) soul from lower desires, their abode will be the garden.” (Quran 79/40-41)

(A voice will say:) “This is what was promised for you, for everyone who turned (to Allah), In sincere repentance, who kept (His Law), Who feared (Allah) Most Gracious Unseen, and brought a heart turned in devotion (to Him).” (Quran 52/32-33)

Their sides keep away from beds and they call upon their Lord in fear and hope and spend in charity out of what We have provided them.” (Quran 32/16)

For this reason the Prophets and people who are close to Allah (SWT) illuminate their nights with their awe of Him and in the hope of being blessed with His eternal mercy. Their nights are brighter and clearer than their days, for their nights are filled with peace and the spirit of prostrations that are abundant with tears.

b> The Prophet (SA) said: My Lord has ordered me to rule with justice in time of anger and contention ( advice you to be this way too).

Anger is a state in which a person struggles to keep his temper and directions. One can lose one’s balance and stray from justice. In such cases a person should always remind himself of Allah and the Day of Judgment, remain patient and serene so as to not stray towards injustice.

Our Lord has instructed us:

“…Stand out firmly for justice… Follow not the lusts (of your hearts), lest ye swerve…” (Quran 4/135)

“…Be fair: for Allah loves those who are fair (and just).” (Quran 49/9)

The Messenger of Allah (SA) said in the hadith (sayings of the Prophet), in which he talked about various issues:

There are three things that save: To be just in times of anger and consent, To be frugal in times of wealth and poverty, To fear Allah in secret and in public.” (Haythami 1,90)

When a man came to the Prophet to ask about repealing the punishment for theft, he gave the example of his beloved daughter and said: “I swear to Allah that if Muhammad’s daughter Fatima stole, I would definitely cut off Her hand as well.” (Bukhari, anbiya, 54: Muslim, Hudud, 8,9)

Justice is necessary for the welfare of the individual and society. Omar (PBUH) points out this truth with the following statement: “Justice if the foundation of sovereignty (state, independence and government).”

In the two and a half year he ruled during the ninety two years of the Amawi Sovereignty, Omar bin Abdulaziz, the fifth greatest Caliph of Islam, spread the borders of Islam as far as Spain. This achievement, accompanied by people living in peace and security, was the result of rules of justice and equity in his own Country. No one can be prosperous through transgression and no state can stand without justice. Again, there is the example of the case of Sultan Fatih being taken to court by the Christian architect; the case came in front of Judge Hizir Bey, who had been appointed by faith himself and was a very close friend, yet the court decided against the Sultan. This was an outcome of the justice system that assured the rule of the Ottoman State of hundreds of years.

c> The Messenger of Allah (SA) said: “My Lord ordered me to be frugal in wealth and in poverty (I advice you to do the same).”

Any person be they rich or porr by Divine allocation, should be frugal. They should never squander their wealth. Even the Prophet (SA) advised that we should be aware of the value of wealth before poverty strikes.

In the following verses Allah Almight orders us to be frugal and temperate: “…But squander not (your wealth) In the manner of a spendthrifts are brothers of the Evil ones; and the Evil one is to His Lord (himself) ungrateful.” (Quran 17/26-27)

Make not thy hand tied (like a niggard’s) to thy neck, nor stretch it forth to its utmost reach, so that thou become blameworthy and destitute.” (Quran 17/29)

And the Prophet (SA) said: “Those who are frugal and far from squandering will never be indigent.” (ibn-I Hanbal, I/447)

One who makes istikhara (A prayer made for guidance) will not be disappointed; one who asks counsel will not regret it and one who is frugal will not become poor.” (Haythami, Majmau’z-Zawaid, 11, 280)

Accordingly, a believer should be aware that everything belongs to Allah Almighty and that they are guardian of His estate. Thet should spend only as much as they need and use the rest for the sake of Allah (SWT). Allah Almighty said:

They ask thee how much they are to spend (in the way of Allah); say: “What is beyond your needs.”“ (Quran 2/219)

Our Prophet (SA) advised us to be generous even in time when means are scarce. He said: “Save yourself from the fire even with half of a date. One who cannot find this should protect oneself with pleasing and graceful words.” (Bukhari, Adab, 34)

The truly felicity of richness and possessions will be gained by distributing alms in the way of Allah. In order to be able to spend in the way of Allah one has to earn their sustenance through halal (lawful) means and not alow the love of these materials in the heart. Hence the Prophet (SA) said: “A halal and beneficial commodity is a blessing in the hands of a righteous person.” (Ibn-I Hanbal, IV, 202)

This is because righteous person is compassionate and merciful. And compassion is to give from what you have to those who do not have it. In other words, compassion is running to the help of people to compensate them for what they have been deprived of. Compassion and generosity mean a peaceful conscience in this world and good tidings for eternal happiness.

The rich people are called “Agneya-e shakereen” when they are thankful to their Lord and distribute alms that are scarce in societies.

To be able to become an exemplary believer who has attained Allah Almighty’s love we should always carry ‘Fear of Allah’ in our hearts, never sway from justice at times of anger or consent, be frugal in times of wealth or poverty and spend in the way of Allah, as much as possible, never sever ties with our relatives, show kindness to those who deprive us and even forgive those who oppress us with a boundless heart.

Angel Gabriel one day warned the Prophet about three matters in accordance to their importance: Ka’b bin Ujrah narrates: “The messenger of Allah (SA) wanted us to sit close to the pulpit. We all sat right in front of it. He walked up one stair and said, “Amen!” He walked up another step and again said “Amen!” and He walked up another step and again He said “Amen!”

When he came down from the pulpit we said: “O Messenger of Allah (SA)! Today we heard something from you we have not heard before.” After this the Messenger of Allah (SA) said: “While I was at the pulpit Angel Gabriel came to me. On the first step He said: – May he be far from Allah’s mercy who reaches Ramadan and is not forgiven!

And I said “Amen!”

When I walked up to the second step He said: – May he be far from Allah’s mercy who does not send you greetings when your name is pronounced next to Him!

And I said “Amen!”

When I walked up to the third step He said: -May he be far from Allah’s mercy whose parents, one or both, attains old age and yet he still cannot attain heaven! – And I said “Amen!” (Hakim, Mustadrak, IV, 170)

Our Lord! Enable us to be one of those beloved to our Prophet. Help us to follow his orders and advice meticulously like a shadow following his owner. May our Loed help us to attain the morality of our Prophet, the “unique role model”, whom He himself has nurtured and may He join us with the faithful in this world who are witnesses of this lofty personage!” Amen!

Hakim al Mustadrak, IV, 341.

Bukhari, Manakibu’l Ansar, 20.


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  1. aniisah Says:

    i have seen and learned a lot of good things that i haven`t seen before in anyother website i`m thanking my allah who made it easy for me to go to this website any way i`m asking my allah to make other muslis see this page

  2. Faizy Says:

    Salam Aniisah, Your comment really encouraged me, to get reactivated after a long pause that I had in updating this blog, with a graceful and beautiful cause of spreading the message of Islam that our Prophet Muhammed (SA) taught us.

  3. Hamed Says:

    These teachings are really nice.

  4. Faizy Says:

    Thank you Hamed for your lovely comment.

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