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Family Tree: From Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA) July 6, 2011

The below chart illustrates the lineage of the Prophets from Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA) ‘rahmat al il alamin. This chart is not created on my own, it is the same chart which is available on the internet on several websites. I am posting it on Majestic Islam, because I believe this is an interesting illustration to share with everyone.

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15 Responses to “Family Tree: From Adam (AS) to Prophet Muhammad (SA)”

  1. Reply of my note left as above Says:

    I have read somewhere in Sahih Bukhari, some one questioned our prophet (pbuh) about number of prophets between Adam (AS) and him (pbuh) He (pbuh) replied 310 or 315. May some one tell me about this Hadees number and name of Kitaab ?

  2. no there is around about 200 or 300 prophets altogether.

  3. muhammad sukhraj Says:

    if this chart is true it means life on earth is started from 15000 years which is not true so there is a confusion to me.As in the chart mention that idris prophet is direct descendant from yard and and so on upto Adam prophet, but adam prophet came to earth so many year ago may be some lakh, so how i can blieve that it is true .. it may be true but then line of direct descendant is not true

  4. muhammad sukhraj Says:

    i have some confusion if any one know in detail then plz clear my doubt ,my brothers also may send email to me on my gmail id

  5. Dear, Sir,
    Aslamualekum ,
    I too have familly tree, that is antique manuscript drawn in 17th century, with Gold and ink made of precious stones. That is on 26ft long rolled paper, the subject of manuscript is Genealogical scroll (Shajra) of Hz. MOHAMMAD S.A.W. starts from Adam a.l.s. That is described in percian language with the help of Quran’s versis on both side of scroll. That is authantic and orignal, you can see some vedios by my link : ,, This Manuscript is for sale.
    Thanks & regards,
    Naved ali khan,
    Ph. No.

  6. omair Says:


    For info on No. of Prophets and Messengers, please refer to the following link:

  7. 138119 Says:

    Salamun alaikum

    The geneology stated are all wrong.

    The Prophet [P] was not descended from Ismael. In fact, the linage of prophethood of the family of Prophet Abraham was thru Prophet Ya’cob and Prophet Ishaq – AQ-29:27.

    AQ – 03:33 says that two family was chosen, the family of Prophet Abraham and Amran. Prophet Abraham as mentioned above while the family of Amran and was direct descendent of Israel – AQ 19:58.

    1. The Prophets of the family fo Prophet Abraham:-

    Prophet Ishaq – Ya’cob – Yusuf – Alyas – Zakaria – Yunus – Muhammad

    2. The Prophets of the family of Amran (only male were made prophets):-
    Prophet Musa / Harun
    Sister of Harun – Dawood – Sulaiman – Ayyub – Yunus – Maryam – Esa

  8. 13811962 Says:

    There were altogether 20 prophets as mentioned in The Glorious Quran – Read 06:83 to 89.

    The messengers mentioned in The Glorious Quran are Hud, Saleh and Shuaib [P].

    There were messengers who are not mentioned 04:164

  9. muslim Says:

    adam had lived 935 years in earth

  10. Zaimt Says:

    Like very much

  11. shahbaz khan Says:

    plz remove ads from this site

  12. Faiz Says:

    Hi Shahbaz… I never wanted to have ads on this blog. But since it is a blog, they have now started to show ads for themselves for providing free blogging service.

  13. Ali HASHI DHORE Says:

    i am very happy to see what is going on here

  14. Andrew Says:

    Where is prophet jesus’s name in the tree?

  15. Faiz Says:


    The Arabic name of Prophet Jesus is Isa.

    You can find him at the bottom right of the chart, just beside Prophet Muhammad. :)

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